Über-Ich und Du

A film by Benjamin Heisenberg

2014 Germany, Switzerland, Austria - Comedy


When a washed-up bohemian (Nick Gutlicht) meets a controversial psychologist (Curt Ledig), he soon becomes the doctor's involuntary object of interest and study. Nick´s life in disarray is gradually brought back to normal, while Curt´s fading memory manages to unearth the truth about his former involvement with the Third Reich.

  • cast

    • André Wilms (Curt Ledig)
    • Georg Friedrich (Nick Gutlich)
    • Susanne Wolff (Norah)
    • Maria Hofstätter (Mutter)
    • Elisabeth Orth (Mrs Tischmann)
    • Margarita Broich (Fanny)
  • crew

    • Producers
    • Komplizen film
    • Co-producers
    • Vega Film
    • Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion
    • Peter Heilrath Filmproduktion
    • Screenwriters
    • Benjamin Heisenberg
    • Josef Lechner
    • DoP
    • Reinhold Vorschneider

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Domestic release :
May 8, 2014